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Friday, November 16, 2007


Moose in the neighborhood

Andrew's hockey team won

Instead of a bad attitude,
I’m practicing gratitude.
Everywhere evident, God’s grace
Is there all the time,
I guess I’ve been blind.
Grumbling will not have a place.

Thanksgiving’s next week,
So I’ll give you a peek
More blessings I see all the time
Safe travel to Seattle
No traffic to battle,
A watercolor turning out fine.

We flew to Alaska -
A serendipity? I’ll ask ya
Friend flight attendant upped us to first
Arrived Anchorage in storm
Had planned and dressed warm
They said it broke records, the worst

Jenn and boys safely there
Delayed, snow everywhere
“146 accidents, 86 ditch divers” the news
Andrew’s hockey team won
All this on day one
Safe travel with ditched driver views

While their parents away
Watching grandsons’ each day
Building sled and ski runs for fun
Two moose near their yard
Taking pictures’, not hard.
The mountains revealed by the sun.

So this Thanksgiving I hope
Gratitude? Yes. Grumble? Nope.
I want to continue my part
I pray that you’ll see
The grace given thee
And thanksgiving will be in your heart.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for joining me here.

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