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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Metaphor in Winter Snow

Rose after snow storm still blooming

Palm fared well

Bird bath frozen for now

Bench in front of the cottage temorarily unuseful

Porch where we sit in summer now with drifting snow

Potager in winter wait

A year and a half fighting cancer with chemotherapy, bilateral mastectomy and radiation, our daughter-in-law was pronounced cancer free according to the CAT scan taken this month.. All who have been praying and even those who haven't are praising God!

About halfway into her treatment, seeing her suffer and our son and grandson's concern, I asked Jesus, "What would it take for Tomoko to be healed?' It was like He said, "How much are you willing to do on your part?" I said, "Whatever it takes, I am willing, Lord."
I only remembered this after I was diagnosed with breast cancer maybe 9 months after that. The diagnosis based on the biopsy and mammogram showed it to be similar to what our daughter-in-law was initially diagnosed with. Trusting God's sovereignty,I had peace. Nothing happens without His knowledge. Are we willing to be with the suffering, take on suffering, take up the burden for others, to walk with them in the valleys? Are we willing to become like those we pray for? If this is the only way and God calls us why not?

Jesus became human to dwell among us, suffering all things in our behalf so that we, tainted as we are, might be set free and finally be able to connect to a Holy God. Might He call us to do the same, dwell and suffer with others, wait in the winter wait in love, so they might be set free?

It may seem like a huge winter storm in your life where everything is put on hold for a while, but hope comes in the morning and we look at life in a new way.
"Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope you have." I Peter 3:15

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hope is the rosebush with blossoms in winter

January rose amongst Melianthus major
The garden is fairly forlorn this time of year. The galianthus snowdrops have not appeared yet, but the red rose still clings to the vine even though it is January.
The very miniature rose, rescued and bought about 5 years ago from Bert’s Red Apple grocery store in Madison Park area of Seattle,  a discard, out on the sidewalk in a 4” pot with a “For Sale 50 cents” sign, was too lovely to leave. I planted  it in our Island hot (south facing) border, the large pocket of soil between an extensive rock wall background and a small rock wall sitting area. I didn’t think it would make it, but put it out for the summer to at least enjoy for a while,  Each year it grows more profuse. We both love it there.

rose in hotel room brings cheer
During October when I had a mammogram and biopsy and a diagnosis of breast cancer, we came back to the island and noticed the rose blooming. Before we left the island again for both my husband’s surgery(pacemaker) and mine a week later (bilateral mastectomy), I cut the buds and put them in a silver vase and placed it in the car and brought it wherever I went, scans, biopsies, surgeries for two weeks. Here it is in the hotel room I stayed in while my husband was in the hospital  then in the car to transport it so it was with me to cheer wherever I went.

Hope is the rosebush which blooms in winter
 despite disease, dropping temps and no one noticing

"Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God, the Maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them -" Psalm 146:5-6 
My hope comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth  and created all things (including roses) for His purpose.
Where do you need hope? Ask the Lord to open your eyes to see what He has placed right in front of your steps.