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Friday, June 27, 2008

June in all its glory

Robin fledged, roses bloom

June reminds me of roses and the early sweet days of summer. It all happened last week. June came in like March, windy and cold. The first set of barn swallows either found it too cold to raise babies or didn’t find enough mosquitoes to feed them and so the three featherless birds died. But last week the weather changed for a few days and a new couple excitedly came to take up residence on the community nest. Fledgling juncos, and robins are everywhere, and tree swallows are feeding young in the nest boxes. There are finally peas on the vine, potatoes ripening underground and fresh sweet ripe strawberries for picking.

I have heard about the trees clapping for joy, praising God. This windy week when the sun came out, it was the roses that were dancing. Red petals from Paul’s scarlet rose filled the air. The sun on the bright red single petals glowed and made me praise God for the beauty of His creation. The coldness of the month, makes this last week of sunshine even more glorious.
See: June rose display on first summer’s day.

Isaiah 55:12 "You will live in joy and peace. The mountains and hills will burst into song, and the trees of the field will clap their hands!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Instead of writing

I took a watercolor class on figure drawing this week. Here is what happened.
It was a fun and productive week between playing piano and painting.

Child on beach

Beach artist


Jon and Cindi

Friday, June 13, 2008


Dylan's party at the park

It was a week of serendipity (making fortunate discoveries by accident). Last Saturday, June 7, we held Dylan's belated two year old birthday party at our condo in town. Just the day before, I saw a sign for a grand opening of the park across the street which has been under renovation since early last winter. It was planned for the same day as our party. What crazy fun! A surprise park party with Dylan thinking it was just for him and maybe it was.
God's extra blessings come when you least expect it. A few weeks ago in my daily quiet time with God, I made a note to tune our spinet piano for the next jam session at our house. Just then an image of a baby grand went through my head. "What was that about?" I asked. Later that morning as I searched the piano bench to find the tuner's number, Meghan, who is staying with us, asked if we were tied to the piano. "Not really,” I said. “Only that our kids all learned to play piano on it.” “Why?" I asked. She mentioned that a mutual friend was selling a piano. "It is a baby grand," she said. “He needs to get it out of the house to make room for his children."

I never even considered letting go of the Baldwin spinet and getting a black baby grand piano before the image of it in my mind and Meghan’s question that day. But these “accidental” discoveries started me thinking and before the end of the week we got rid of a bookcase and contents to make room and our mutual friend gathered three more men to break down and pack up their piano, belt it on the back of a truck, the only day it did not rain, move it to our house, put it back together in the living room and load our spinet into the same truck and to their home to the delight of their children, who will be freer to learn to play piano now.

So here it wonderfully sits, made for the space, beautifully blending with the rest of the living room. I’m drawn to it every day to play it, instead of writing and grateful to God for His surprise encouragement and the “accidental” discovery once again of his love for me (and Dylan) that is no accident.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Island view from air

It is great to get away and view a different perspective of where you live in relation to surrounding areas. It was that way with the fun helicopter ride this week and the boat trip to Victoria last week, a view of the Islands by water and air and a refreshed spirit.

This week I viewed myself differently as well. Sunday, our pastor mentioned that perhaps we could give the Holy Spirit permission to access our heart to change us. So I started praying this. The result was more "problems", more "confrontations" by people I love and more stress, but a different perspective. I realize I don't listen, but defend myself instead. I realize that I often think more about myself than others when I judge others for not thinking about me. Being quiet and self conscious is as bad as the opposite. I misinterpret what people are saying. This is a prompting to change within. I do want to be filled with the Holy Spirit and not bound by ways that are so natural it seems to be a part of me. There are times when I experience this freedom that comes with Holy Spirit change and I want more of it.

I cannot change myself, but I trust you will Lord. When I become self conscious, help me to think of others. When I become critical of others help me to pray for the "others" and myself; the same when I am criticized. When I become frustrated and angry, help me let go of the situation and trust your sovereignty that you allowed this into my life for a purpose. Help me have the courage to examine myself rather than defend. I pray this not be a moment's change and then turn back to where I was before. Most of all help me to remember that I was the one that granted you permission to access and change my heart and you heard me. Thank you for taking me up as in a helicopter so I could see myself from your perspective, Lord. The scenery was not as pretty as the helicopter ride, but it will be someday!