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Friday, June 6, 2008


Island view from air

It is great to get away and view a different perspective of where you live in relation to surrounding areas. It was that way with the fun helicopter ride this week and the boat trip to Victoria last week, a view of the Islands by water and air and a refreshed spirit.

This week I viewed myself differently as well. Sunday, our pastor mentioned that perhaps we could give the Holy Spirit permission to access our heart to change us. So I started praying this. The result was more "problems", more "confrontations" by people I love and more stress, but a different perspective. I realize I don't listen, but defend myself instead. I realize that I often think more about myself than others when I judge others for not thinking about me. Being quiet and self conscious is as bad as the opposite. I misinterpret what people are saying. This is a prompting to change within. I do want to be filled with the Holy Spirit and not bound by ways that are so natural it seems to be a part of me. There are times when I experience this freedom that comes with Holy Spirit change and I want more of it.

I cannot change myself, but I trust you will Lord. When I become self conscious, help me to think of others. When I become critical of others help me to pray for the "others" and myself; the same when I am criticized. When I become frustrated and angry, help me let go of the situation and trust your sovereignty that you allowed this into my life for a purpose. Help me have the courage to examine myself rather than defend. I pray this not be a moment's change and then turn back to where I was before. Most of all help me to remember that I was the one that granted you permission to access and change my heart and you heard me. Thank you for taking me up as in a helicopter so I could see myself from your perspective, Lord. The scenery was not as pretty as the helicopter ride, but it will be someday!

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