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Friday, November 30, 2007


Birthbath yesterday

Thirsty Pine Siskins take advantage of missing sailboat

Birdbath in May 2007

Yesterday, after a night of rain, the unexpected sunlight pushed through the kitchen window revealing grime, cobwebs, and dust. I stopped what I was doing and decided it was time to clean from the inside out, the windows first then the counters, walls, cupboards, floor and no stopping until I was out the door.

As I cleaned, I thought about the huge windstorm or twister that uprooted the large Douglas Fir and did other minor damage while we were away. Although the tree was healthy on the surface, the uprooted tree also revealed shallow roots that could not stand a stiff wind and twister. Neither could the soldered sailboat on the bird bath stand up to the wind that sheared it off.

I looked out the clean window and noticed a flock of pine siskins landing on the newly changed birdbath. The sailboat in the middle previously hindered more than one bird from drinking at a time. Now that it was sheared off at least ten could drink at once. It was a delight to see.

I know this week, You God, have been doing a house cleaning in me, uprooting and shearing off some old habits that I didn’t realize I had. They were shallow or superfluous and have been there for years unnoticed. I realized that I don’t receive thanks very well. Could it be because of my fear of conceit or pride? I have attributed what I do well to God instead, but what I do well is not that good that God should get credit even though I depend on Him. I just need to graciously say “thank you.” I say this now to those who have tried to encourage me. I realize that properly receiving thanks will also help me receive constructive criticism better as well, which I need. I find also that I don’t give praise to others as often as I should either, perhaps again for fear of encouraging too much pride or conceit in them or guarding against insincerity in myself. Like the sailboat in the middle of the birdbath, these serve no good purpose and keep me and more from enjoying the living water.

I am thankful that the Holy Spirit wind and Light of God has given me revelation and the power to make changes in my life for the better. Thank you for joining me as I pass on some living water to you.

John 4:13-14

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

Four generation Thanksgiving gathering

I'm continuing to give thanks for daily grace and blessings as our family from Alaska and Seattle visited us in the islands. We arrived back from Alaska to find that while we were away a twister, raced through our place, starting at the entrance road uprooting a huge tree, bursting past the cottage, breaking the soldered metal sailboat off the bird bath, pushing out the gate panel, uprooting plants and placing potted plants well beyond their spot. Praising God, no damage to buildings nor people.
I guess it was just preparation for the good tornado of sorts, the whirlwind of family and activitiy, that came and left our house Thanksgiving weekend.
No written blog this week as took time to spend with family and rest. See video blog instead.
Cooking Prime Rib Thanksgiving Day 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007


Moose in the neighborhood

Andrew's hockey team won

Instead of a bad attitude,
I’m practicing gratitude.
Everywhere evident, God’s grace
Is there all the time,
I guess I’ve been blind.
Grumbling will not have a place.

Thanksgiving’s next week,
So I’ll give you a peek
More blessings I see all the time
Safe travel to Seattle
No traffic to battle,
A watercolor turning out fine.

We flew to Alaska -
A serendipity? I’ll ask ya
Friend flight attendant upped us to first
Arrived Anchorage in storm
Had planned and dressed warm
They said it broke records, the worst

Jenn and boys safely there
Delayed, snow everywhere
“146 accidents, 86 ditch divers” the news
Andrew’s hockey team won
All this on day one
Safe travel with ditched driver views

While their parents away
Watching grandsons’ each day
Building sled and ski runs for fun
Two moose near their yard
Taking pictures’, not hard.
The mountains revealed by the sun.

So this Thanksgiving I hope
Gratitude? Yes. Grumble? Nope.
I want to continue my part
I pray that you’ll see
The grace given thee
And thanksgiving will be in your heart.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for joining me here.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Trick or treat

Every once in a while I need a treat. It’s not that I have been good and deserving one like a dog. I have in fact been grumbling a lot lately, not very appreciative. The old “trickster” is shaking my leg. I’ve been feeling like there’s a heavy load on my back and I’m walking up hill backwards so I can’t see where I’m going and no end in sight. As hard as I push and pray, I get nowhere fast. The only place I get is to another day that is not much different. That was until we decided to go to town to visit family and walk amongst the parade of “trick or treaters” on Halloween afternoon. Our grandson was more into people watching and playing with leaves, and watching him was a pleasure.

But then this pleasant delight did not last very long. On the way back to the Islands, we missed the last ferry and had to get a motel room for the night and rise early for the 5:30 am boat. I was a little upset as I was tired and should have double checked the ferry schedule instead of relying on my husband who read it wrong.

I am looking for that great feeling that lasts longer than a day. I think that heavy load on my back is keeping me from seeing the daily delights around me. My mind does not see what is ahead and I don’t really want to look at where I’ve been. I realize that my burden is caused by rebellion. I resist dying to my old ways of doing things. I know I want to be all God wants for me, and as a result God has been changing me, but I really am struggling with letting it happen. As a result, I make it harder on myself such as walking up hill backwards. But finally this week I realize that all I have to do is confess my rebellion, turn completely around and walk hand in hand with my Lord and Savior up the hill. He knows the way and points out the pleasures and takes the load from my back. I do long to be free, the most wonderful feeling of all. He’s picked up the tab of my rebellion and treats me with care and consideration every day and I am grateful once again for the treat of grace that lasts a lifetime.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Gifts revisited

Formerly green with envy, now there's hope

Sometimes it just takes a little longer to mature and recognise our gifts. With a little patience, persistence, a little time and especially a lot of warmth and light from above comes hope. I've decided not to be so hard on myself. Sometimes the sun is just not shining on me and it just takes a little longer to get my blog out.
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