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Friday, November 30, 2007


Birthbath yesterday

Thirsty Pine Siskins take advantage of missing sailboat

Birdbath in May 2007

Yesterday, after a night of rain, the unexpected sunlight pushed through the kitchen window revealing grime, cobwebs, and dust. I stopped what I was doing and decided it was time to clean from the inside out, the windows first then the counters, walls, cupboards, floor and no stopping until I was out the door.

As I cleaned, I thought about the huge windstorm or twister that uprooted the large Douglas Fir and did other minor damage while we were away. Although the tree was healthy on the surface, the uprooted tree also revealed shallow roots that could not stand a stiff wind and twister. Neither could the soldered sailboat on the bird bath stand up to the wind that sheared it off.

I looked out the clean window and noticed a flock of pine siskins landing on the newly changed birdbath. The sailboat in the middle previously hindered more than one bird from drinking at a time. Now that it was sheared off at least ten could drink at once. It was a delight to see.

I know this week, You God, have been doing a house cleaning in me, uprooting and shearing off some old habits that I didn’t realize I had. They were shallow or superfluous and have been there for years unnoticed. I realized that I don’t receive thanks very well. Could it be because of my fear of conceit or pride? I have attributed what I do well to God instead, but what I do well is not that good that God should get credit even though I depend on Him. I just need to graciously say “thank you.” I say this now to those who have tried to encourage me. I realize that properly receiving thanks will also help me receive constructive criticism better as well, which I need. I find also that I don’t give praise to others as often as I should either, perhaps again for fear of encouraging too much pride or conceit in them or guarding against insincerity in myself. Like the sailboat in the middle of the birdbath, these serve no good purpose and keep me and more from enjoying the living water.

I am thankful that the Holy Spirit wind and Light of God has given me revelation and the power to make changes in my life for the better. Thank you for joining me as I pass on some living water to you.

John 4:13-14

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