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Sunday, August 30, 2009

In a fog

Morning Fog

Lately in the morning we wake up foggy and with frogs, not just in our head and throat but outside our window. By midmorning it lifts and a glorious late summer day decides to stay. I love this time of year.

This last week I interviewed a friend to help him promote his book. He related several stories about friend's boats in the fog and I ended making a video of a fog related story about his Dad and his house. I tried to post it below on blogger but something went wrong and the whole page disappeared and it saved the blank page before I could get to the auto drafts. I sort of ended up with this story in the fog.

What I wrote is not reappearing even in my mind so I will just give the link to Henry's video and put it also on the sidebar.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Blog delayed, playing music instead.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More music in my life

Void of music - (Piano parts taken, hammers reshaped)

Last week I decided that it was time to become serious about wanting more music in my life. With so many deaths in our family this year along with moving, I have neglected to find joy. I have always loved music and surrounded myself with instruments and opportunities to play but never taken the time to really practise and get better. So last week when I saw an ad on the kiosk from a music teacher willing to teach mandolin, I called and had the first lesson. She put a few songs in my head and hand and sent me off to practise. At the same time last week the piano tuner called, said he was going to be on the island, showed up and took the insides out of the piano home with him to reshape the hammers. They had become dull from the previous owner's playing(not mine). He came again this week to put them back and tuned the piano and I've been sitting everyday playing
I know that joy cannot be hammered up but is a gift from God. It occurred to me that only when I am doing what God has ordained and in the place I have been designed to be, will there be joy. Music is a start. It has always been in my life yet I have never given it the time it deserves. With all the households finally combined and the funeral services over. It is time to do what I love. I'll get piano lessons too.
This round plays in my mind. I don't think it is theologically correct, but if it helps me to practice I'll sing it.
"All things shall perish under the sky
Music alone shall live, music alone shall live, music alone shall live
Never to die."

Piano delivered June 2008

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family gathering

Pappy held still

Every family has its black sheep they say. If this were true and we had to point one out at this family gathering, it would be Pappy. It is not because we don't love her, but somehow if the black sheep demands a lot of negative attention she would be it. Unfortunately for Pappy, two great-uncle dogs showed up that had grace, poise and caused no problem except initially to Pappy. Jon, the new family dog whisperer (Matt taught him) decided they should all, Pappy and the two standard poodles, go outside to duke it out so to speak. Soon they were all running around and enjoying each other, except when Pappy ate their full supply of kibble for the trip which put Pappy out for a day with a tummy ache.

However, she made up for it when she ate Maggie's meal off the table when it was left for a second. Up on the counter licking the butter dish, up on the table when we left the room taking off with the bread, it was not like she wasn't fed. Too many other occasions to list. We took the child's gate from the stairs and put it to close off the kitchen. So we all got in and out of the kitchen by climbing over the gate, hands full of plates and food for the table. We heard she wandered into the neighbor's garden where she found a dead bird under their fencing, proceeded to get caught in the netting pulled it and broke their spinkler system. We still need to make amends. Some of us tried to keep her isolated, but she was also a door opener escape artist. She has lost her privilege to go from the house but we need to repair a breach in the back yard that goes under the deck and out by the back stairs.

Why did most of us accomodate to Pappy? I guess we all know that this is us sometimes. We need someone to show us they care enough to set the limits. Better yet a family gathering, stopping everything, and all together with love take the time to help get someone where they need to be. I hope for the same when I get out of line.

But then, the whole purpose of this family gathering was to celebrate Nan's life. All had stopped everything to travel to this four day event to lay her remains to rest in the ground where she needed to be and gathered around the table for good food as she would have us do. Perhaps it was Pappy that noticed her missing the most and acted out because Nan was not there to slip food to her under the table.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Didn't get the blog finished today. It has been a week of interruptions while trying to get ready for our whole family coming to visit. We are very excited. Perhaps I will finish this tomorrow.