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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

God's heart for you

Sunday,  I looked for a garden Valentine heart that I could post, asking God, "Where might I find one?" No answer until yesterday as I came through the gate into the  garden, there in front of me, the wind had blown the dead pampas into a heart.  
Honestly, I didn't do this, and I didn't expect Him to answer in this way. God who controls the wind and all the ways of our life (if we ask) has abundantly more for you than you could ever ask or imagine.

What in your life have you asked God for but He hasn't answered? He wants you to have the mind of Christ not our "in the box thinking" God's timing is not my timing and I am thankful for it....often after the fact.
This heart is sent to you as a reminder that you are on God's heart every day.

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