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Monday, December 28, 2009

A Gift for the New Year

Gift left in greenhouse by island friend

When an island friend came to leave a Christmas gift while we were away, the only place she could find unlocked was the greenhouse,* amongst the dirt and the mice. It reminds me of the dirty manger that God’s greatest gift ever, Jesus, was placed after being sent away from the locked inns of the time.

Where have you locked Jesus out of your life this year? What is taking the place of Him in the center of your heart or life? We unknowingly push to our life's center our previous purchases, (which keeps our homes and cars locked) our time, our money, even ourselves. Because there is no more room, we lock God's gift out as we did our friend’s gift that had to be left in the greenhouse.

What other gifts might he bring us if we open our hearts and unlock our doors today and get out of the way?
Help us in the New Year to remember to ask.

“Come into my heart Lord Jesus, come into my heart to stay.” Emily E Elliott

*Usually islanders leave at least the car unlocked (except in zucchini season)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful description Angel. I will be meditating on this for the remainder of this week. Love, Kim

Tomoko said...

Happy New Year!!