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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Not finished yet

Band tailed PIgeons arrive

Birds are in the air, everywhere I look. First I notice the swallows, violet-green, band tailed pigeons, white crowned sparrows, house finches, goldfinches, the wrens and many more have returned. It is a wonder they do not collide, but then they have their master air controller. They don't have free will like us, they just follow God's direction. Us however, it took since last summer's swallow and wren departure 'til now to clean out the nest boxes, left untidy for nine months. And now it is our nest, house, that's untidy from carrying our stuff north with us when we have no room for it.

These swallows remind me to enjoy the moment. I've been too busy inside cleaning, organizing and and trying to find places for and getting rid of stuff, working long hours to take much time out for pleasure. I did get together with some women on the island. I also paused long enough to capture the return of the swallows. Watching them reminded me that some things don't change in this changing world, God's sufficiency, care, and direction of his creatures who are programed with it, or for those like us who might not forget to ask and once in a while surrender our free will to the master controller. I'm thankful that God is not finished with us yet.

"I desire to do your will, O my God..." Psalm 40:8

Where does your will and the will of God clash? What keeps you from asking and surrendering?

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