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Sunday, February 15, 2009


New orchid bud reaching for the sun

Hope in the one cleared space, an orchid in bloom

I’ve been trying to clear everything around me to no avail, even the desk on which to write. As soon as I get it cleared, more stuff stumbles in from the car. We’re clearing out personal stuff from the condo so we can rent it; bringing boxes to our place in the islands. The boxes of stuff form more obstacles to hurdle. Then in the attempt to find more places to put stuff, an old school cabinet stands inside the door awaiting refinishing, drawers and structure competing for what little space there is left.
I can’t get to my computer. The three printers that we own are all in the room as well, hoping that one of them will finally behave itself and scan or print on demand. But no, everything seems to have a life of its own and not helping me one bit.
I saw some progress last Sunday when someone came and took the bed out of the loft so I could make room for filing cabinets and a clothes rack. But with the bed gone, I see the rug needs stretching before I organize the room. Perhaps I just rip it out and have bare floor or just ignore the bump in the rug if I can. Everything is in disarray, not just little bumps in the rug. See why I haven’t written the blog in a bit, no place to write and brain too scattered like the room. Sometimes I think I just need everything cleaned out and start over.

“In the quietness of prayer, let me believe that a simple and determined surrender of my will to Him (Jesus) will bring the heart cleansing (and house order) that I need.” Andrew Murray

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