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Friday, May 9, 2008


Stair needing repair on ladder to my loft

A month ago I started praying for help. There’s a lot around here that needs repair. The cottage faucets increasingly drip and can’t be stopped. The step to the loft is broken and hanging, the laundry room cabinets are sitting in the garage waiting to be hung, holes in the garden where electrical wiring needs fixing, the two year old LG refrigerator drawers and shelves lying outside broken. The list goes on and on. Then God started sending first help with housework, then extra help with the garden. Now someone came and hung the cabinets in the laundry room. Tomoko helped me to figure out how to call and get new parts for the refrigerator, I found a website selling old faucet stems and Neil replaced them and cleaned out the nest boxes just in time for the arrival of the former residents.

While I was inside cleaning up and organizing the new cabinets the laundry room, Neil and friend Cherie, working in the garden, amazingly saw five eagles soaring right over them in formation. They told me later and I wished I was outside to see them. But a few days later at a women’s conference I experienced eagles in another way. We sang a theme song, “Like an Eagle my wings will be repaired and life renewed”. Yes, even more needs to be repaired and rebuilt within me than around me. The disrepair around me is just a mirror of my broken inside. Lately, I’m seeing God restoring me within and hopefully setting me free to soar like the eagles I didn’t’ see. Revival is coming and God says it’s with me first. My dripping words of discontent can now be shut off and controlled; I pray. Maybe now I will give more encouragement and compliments. The writing loft ladder step is not repaired but you Lord can show me the next step and where to place my feet on a solid footing every day. It is a reminder as I climb the ladder to write. Lord, thank you for answering my call for help.

Psalm 138:1-8

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