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Friday, May 23, 2008


Detour from Robin's nest in rose trellis
I made a sign today and placed it in a pot beside the rose trellis over the pathway, “Detour…nest”. Lately, every time we walked from the cottage to the parking area and main house through the rose bud covered archway, a robin flew out scolding and chipping after us. “The detour won’t be for that long,” I said. But according to The Birder’s Handbook, by Ehrilich, Dobkin and Wheye, looks like the a month long sign, 12-14 days before the young hatch and another 12-16 before they fledge. The pink Paul’s Himalayan Musk Rose surrounding the trellis will be in full bloom by then.

I sometimes feel like that bird, always interruptions and indignant because of them, disturbed, distressed, and flying off my task in a huff. Perhaps I need a “Do not disturb” “Detour, danger ahead!” sign on myself so I can get something completed, like this blog.

Upon reflection, I realize that instead I need a “Detour” sign for myself to look at, to change the way I think, go in a different thought direction. I say that I want to be interruptible, to be used by God for His purposes, but when it comes down to it, I forget and get angry. You are my real refuge and quiet place Lord. I want your peace. I know you are sovereign and have my best interests at heart so I give you my anger and frustration and I know you will take it away. I want my life to be a sign post pointing away from me to you. Perhaps I have a month to look at the sign I put up in front of the robin’s nest and remember that whenever I am disturbed to ask for your help to think differently so that others might see a blooming rose, your glory instead of me.


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