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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Keep Pressing On

I stopped blogging, writing, and gave up hope of ever publishing a book that I thought God called me to write.  He had been encouraging me for over 40 years. Did He give up on me because of my disobedience?  So I asked Him if He was willing, would He help me again. The next week our Pastor encouraged us to follow up on what God has been saying to each of us, " Go the next step."

So the following weekend I learned of and attended the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal Conference in Bellevue Washington, at Westminster Chapel, a book proposal in hand to find some encouragement once again.

"We don't do devotionals," was the answer from major publishers.  It seemed that everywhere I went there was a block. My mind stopped working even though I was asking God for guidance. I drove home discouraged. What are you trying to show me Lord?
Sulking Tree Peony in the Rain the Day after I Returned

The next day, while walking in the garden, I thought I heard the LORD say to me:
  • Look up at the clematis' glory instead of the wilted peony
  • I encourage you to engage more with those around you.
  • I, God, put people beside you so you can have My compassion not your agenda.
  • I put the blocks there to steer you in a different direction. 

A day later, the Lord woke me up at 3:00 am and encouraged me to open the folder from the conference. and read again my notes from the main speaker was Bill Meyers : 

In dark moments of the soul, some get stuck on the wrong side of the cross where Jesus sees them powerful and He paid for it. Stop beating yourself for what Jesus paid for....Get over yourself!...God thinks as highly of failure as success. Keep abiding, and leaning into what He calls. ...Let God drive. You stay in the car!...Excuses are lies rapped in reason.  When God calls, always say 'Yes'... to believe and obey is our responsibility.
           The next day of encouragement
Early that morning I went through the flyers from the conference packet and found a publishing company, Redemption Press, Athena Dean Holtz, publisher.  That same morning a friend who was praying for me called to see how the conference went. She then mentioned Athena on KCIS AM 630 Fridays 1 pm, and that I might contact her. I followed through and she said "send me your stuff".  It is amazing how you work Lord. I am preparing my proposal again to hopefully ship out tomorrow.

No matter what, "I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus." Philippians 3:14

When obstacles get in the way, press on, pray, open your eyes, reach out.
Tell me your obstacles so I can pray for you?

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