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Friday, January 16, 2015

New Year Direction upon Reflection

"Daniel in the Lion's Den" by Briton Riviere 1892 (depicting Daniel 6:16-24)

This blog began  April 8, 2007, almost eight years ago, in preparation for a devotional. Every week there seemed to be lions in the midst, (discouragement, distractions, anxiety) never harming but causing me instead to trust in God not my own abilities.

I recently put my energies into another blog for a year.New plans for this blog include upgrading to fit the times, editing and completing many unpublished drafts and still trusting God, as Daniel, for peace, protection and wisdom.
Here are the most popular posts in those almost eight years.

  1. Happy Thanksgiving 11/26/09   
  2. Longest living Herb 5/14/10  
  3. Faith Like Potatoes 10/27/12  
  4. Happy Father's Day  6/20/10   
  5. Once Deleted Can't Undo 3/24/12   
  6. Five Displays of Spring Garden 3/26/10  
  7. Bitter Root Judgement  5/16/10   
  8. Lions in our Midst 1/9/10   
Which one is your favorite and what direction should I go?

I will be rewriting others as it fits the season.
 Here is the blog Early 1900s West Indies Travelogue, that has kept me busy.

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