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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The slower I go, the busier I get

Why is it that the more I let go the busier I get
I've concentrated on letting go of everything not set
I've let go of coordinating, singing, writing and art
I've been cleaning and sorting, doing my part.
Time to look at life and what is important to it*
I have been so busy, not even time to do it

So for the garden we've hired help
because Cisco is coming, yelp!
He's speaking on our island,
coming on our land and
staying in our house.

I guess that my time has been spent in the rain
Planting, transplanting, weeding to gain
a respectable garden, long overlooked
until that day that Cisco was booked
It's my husband's fault
He's in charge of events-
gets speakers to come
It will be fun!**

*Not sure about priorities yet

**In August

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