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Friday, May 14, 2010

Longest living herb in our garden

Marrubium vulgare, White Horehound
"What is the most unusual herb you have grown?" was the question for this week on "Garden Writers Today" Facebook page.
I decided on horehound even though I have a more unusual one for the weekly blog.
6 reasons our horehound is unusual?

  • The herb was the source of my favorite childhood candy in Nova Scotia

  • It was growing on the land when we arrived over 30 years ago, so I combined them into a terrace hedge.

  • The deer do not eat it and white crowned sparrows nest in it

  • Some think it is spelled whore hound and shy away from it. :-)

  • The antidote for my vulnerable illnesses, tea for colds and hard candy for coughs and pneumonia
  • Proving again"The medicine lies close to the source of illness," the Onondaga understanding mentioned by Robin Wall Kimmerer in Gathering Moss: A natural and Cultural History of Mosses

What herbs do you enjoy in your garden and how they might help you?

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