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Friday, April 2, 2010

Does what I do have lasting value?

Raked, weeded, mulched we started to lay a path with stepping stones

“The greatest thing a generation can do is lay a few stepping stones for the next generation.” Charles Kettering

Our garden stones are neither set secure nor step to somewhere special (We are working on it).
Stepping stones of value I believe must have a secure foothold and lead to something of lasting importance.

I continue to think, “Does what I do have lasting value or not? Do I create an easier pathway for others to follow or a rocky one? Does my life reflect Christ?
Lasting value seems to be first by our faith and dependence on Christ. Anything done by this prerequisite for the lives of our mate, families, our care for children and grandchildren, friends, and in our jobs, our life will be lasting.

Many would not know there is a path unless the visible stepping stones are laid in place.
Here are some stepping stones of value that we can set in place for the next generation:

An example of faith in Jesus that stands secure.
  1. Love and care of family and friends
  2. Prayer for His leading in all things: for our church Fellowship, outreach to the community, our lives.
  3. A trust in the Lord for His direction in hard times as well as good.

    What stepping stones of value do you place in your pathway?

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