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Sunday, June 28, 2009

catch up

picture of Neil spending two days fixing water hydrant leak (he didn't want me to put it in)

Back to mail piled high but not the grass - someone mowed while we were gone. Garden looking great, a friend cared for it while gone. Strawberries galore, best in 30 years. Maybe we should go away this time every year. We've been picking them and making jam and freezing them all week.

Baby birds everywhere. We can't get babies off our minds. Everything thrived while we were away especially with the water hydrant that sprung a leak. Neil spent two days trying to fix it. We are tired and trying to catch up with business along with putting out fires so haven't had a chance to do the blog. Perhaps it is time for another break but not like the water hydrant. When the fires are extinguished I'll get to the blogs.

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