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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Slightly out of focus flower bouquet for Easter on messy table
Hellebores "Lenten Rose" far left bottom

All week long there have been continual challenges, so I get on my knees and pray. I seem to forget that every Lent there are struggles, not always self imposed but everything out of wack and unusual things happening, like the lights out in the cottage for a week, glass breaking as I carry flowers through the gate in a vase, words from my mouth getting mixed up in the air and ending up in someone elses ear jumbled and distorted.

On Good Friday our pastor made a wooden rugged cross with large nails toward the ends of the crossbar. Several of us including myself, went up to the cross, picked up the hammer laying at its foot and hit the nail with the hammer in recognition of our sins, transgressions and struggles for which Jesus died.

God's grace has been evident in many more ways such as helping in the impossible task of coordinating independent islanders including myself to be on the same page for the program this Easter morning without piano nor pianist Creative minds came up with instrumentals downloaded to ipods and placed on the speaker system so a song leader could lead the songs in the service. Everyone had a part even the children placing flowers at the foot of the rugged wooden cross. Although the day was a cold downpour of rain, the service was beautiful, warm and meaningful. The head of Nightwatch in Seattle came today to preach and without knowing it began by reiterating the emotionally moving pounding of nails in a heavy wooden piece of cross, his wife reading , "He was wounded for our transgressions. "

This week was about how I need to change: the difficulties getting through the week except on my knees, the double pointing out the reason Jesus died for me and the grace now available, the new beginning that is Easter. May everyday be a new beginning for you as well.

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