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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chillin Out

Jeff and I at Hatcher's Pass with Raptor in background

The morning the mover’s arrived to clear out our condo, we headed to the airport to fly to Anchorage Alaska and on to Palmer to attend grandson Andrew’s state hockey championships, squirt D Division. The flight was smooth and the view from our side of the plane, the right side was spectacular, a clear view of the snow covered mountains and coast line. The next day, while the weather was clear, we headed to Hatcher’s Pass to experience the near pristine mountains and view of the Mat-su Valley. Jeff showed us the cabins where one Mythbuster’s episode tested cabin fever in the middle of nowhere. They joke that they live “15 minutes from the middle of nowhere.”

"cabin in the middle of nowhere"

Andrew at the Alaska state hockey championships Squirt D

But the real reason we dropped everything and headed to Alaska was our promise to come and watch him play in the state championships, since we saw him over a year ago play in his first ever hockey game. Their team played great, placing third and we chilled out at the rink for four days.

The day of the semifinals the volcano Redoubt blew and the ash headed north not northeast to our direction. Pray for God's grace to us that it won’t blow and prevent us from leaving Anchorage tomorrow night. We don’t want to chill out at the airport too long when we need to get moving.

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