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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A new generation

Dylan leaving Nan's apartment with his choice:
Minimuffin tins, measuring cup and containers to keep muffins fresh
I didn't have a camera when we left Nan's apartment after clearing it out, but this image kept returning to my brain, so I drew it from memory. Dylan helped me clear out the kitchen cabinets, choosing only to take the things that had meaning to him, putting them in a basket he also chose.
Nan, a great cook, inspired Dylan's Dad, a present corporate chef. She left him her bean pot which we also found in her apartment with the recipe in her handwriting with ingredients, sans measurements, inside the pot. So Saturday night after her memorial service, continuing her memory, we ate Boston baked beans in her old bean pot, the New England Saturday night tradition. Instead of hot dogs, we had breaded pork chops with rice, rolls, salad and apple pie and ice cream. She will be missed very much; but one thing we know, her cooking will go on. Dylan's Dad took his bean pot home to be the next keeper of the generational tradition. Maybe Dylan next?
(see August 25, 2007 blog Saturday night beans)

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