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Monday, August 11, 2008

Catching up with family and friends

August 9-10
Took bus back to Logan Airport and rented a car to New Hampshire for Neil's reunion. His class of 43 people had 22 show up for the dinner at a restaurant in Concord. A great brunch at Common Man the next morning before we departed for the coast. To be continued next week.
Nobska Lighthouse Woods Hole MA

Dottie, my friend since before I was 2

August 6-9 Cape Cod

We arrived in Boston at about 7:45 am and took a bus to Plymouth on the Cape where we got a hotel, slept and explored the area for a day, eating the fried clams and lobster and haddock that we miss. I gathered some information on Pilgrims as we are of Mayflower descent. Dottie picked us up and took us to her home the next day. Her husband Bob baked fluke and scallops that he caught and we got to meet Dottie's sister Susan (and her husband)whom we had not seen since our wedding. We had a wonderful time with them.

Meeting Lu and Maggie at SF Airport

Maggie Grace napping at SF airport
pictures by Neil

August 5 Serendipity

Our plane to Dulles and then to Boston was cancelled because of thunderstorms so we were rerouted to San Francisco with a 5 hour wait. Excited, we called Lu who lives in Sacramento and said we would be near and so she took the 1 1/2 hour ride and met us at the food court of the international terminal. We hadn't seen them both since April when Marguerite Grace was born. What a wonderful surprise as a start to our trip. I had been wishing we could see them soon.

pictures by Neil
Blue Angels over our townhouse

August 2-3 Seattle
When the pictures on the wall move and the windows shake, it's not an earthquake but the return once a year of the Seafair hydroplane races and the Blue Angels. They practised over our town house for several days so we called Chris and Tomoko to come to our deck to watch them fly over us. So Dylan and family came for lunch and to view. But it was way too loud for Dylan even plugging his little ears. Sorry we didn't get a picture of him.

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