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Sunday, May 27, 2007


Young Eagle feeding on deer carcass washed in from tide
(hard to see and not and not quite in focus)

“There is a time to live and a time to die, a time to plant a time to uproot.” Ecclesiastes 3:2

I have tried to adapt the blog around what happens in our little world each week but decided this is not the place to put all the pictures which included the R rated road killed mink outside our driveway, first fledglings juncos and pine siskins; insect life in the garden, tiger swallowtails and bees. I uprooted them and perhaps will plant them in a Picasa Web Album next week. Will let you know.
I have a hard time editing these blogs, need a better focus. I need to eliminate what detracts from the central point. What is the point? Focus, I think this is one of the major problems with my writing. I need some editors to help me stick to one focus, with one purpose in mind.

This week I edit berry cages, vegetable gardens, it is called weeding. The strawberry beds were covered in field grass, so I hoed the rows and weeded in between. It is easy to edit what is screening the sun, water and nutrients from the strawberries or vegetables. Anything that detracts from the central point, luscious strawberries next month, is uprooted. It is harder in the perennial border. The obvious like bindweed gets dealt a blow. Get it now before it is too late and takes over. The other obvious, not adding to beauty, weeds get uprooted as well. My husband feels this way about the self seeding bronze fennel in the garden. I let it go when I had no time to plan or plant the long border. It added beauty without a lot of care. Yet the roses, with minimal circulation, suffered from black spot damage. I guess my focus that year was not on the roses. So this year my husband has edited much of the feathery fennel bucketing it to the compost heap with his tractor. I know with more than one person tending a border, there has to be unanimity of focus. Sometimes a seed is planted and another uproots the seedling to make a clean slate. A weed to some is beauty to me such as Buttercups and Queen Anne’s lace. I love the look in the right place and I love the self seeding volunteers.

Maybe this is why it is so hard for me to focus my writing. I want a self seed of the Holy Spirit to come in and make it beautiful without a lot of work. I don’t want it to be something I have planned orchestrated alone but something for your glory, Lord. But it can’t happen unless you Lord edit the sin in my life that gets in the way of focus on You Lord. Help me with persistence to see it through as well.. “Purify my life so my ministry not hindered,” a quote from a missionary I know.
"Create in me a clean heart" (edit my heart Lord) Psalm 51:10-12 Help me die to myself as this deer. Renew a right spirit within me. Refine me, bring new life for myself so I can feed others growing in You. Help me to focus on You with one purpose in mind, to glorify You.

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