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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Eulogy to Bo


photo by Lucinda A Bryant

Today we buried Bo, oh my
Not so much sadness but a sigh
I think we’ve shed all our tears
It’s only been about 6 years
Since she died.

That is how long she has been around
On the shelf instead of in the ground
A small box in the linen closet.
There since the cremator did deposit
Her ashes inside

Walking last week I found a stone
Beside the road, I carried it home
Stained green granite and mostly square
Right for a garden we’ll put it there
To mark her grave

I brought it to the monument place
Engraved her name upon its face
We buried her bones near the orchard bench
Fuji blossoms falling over the trench
The stone beside

Never liked dogs, nor had one it’s true
But dogs a magnet to daughter Lu
They’d follow her home, wait at the door
Begging food eyes you couldn’t ignore.
I didn’t give in.

Often found others to take them instead
‘I don’t want a dog,’ I often said
Then I learned that Lu prayed every night
“God, bring me a dog if that’s alright,”
I changed my mind

We went to a breeder where we bought
A golden retriever, mellow we thought
Bo Brackenhollow hidden under the stair
The “pick of the litter” they called her there
We brought her home

She was the bad example at obedience school
Our fault not hers, she was no fool.
We tried to lead but she just didn’t follow
We shouted “Bohiski Brackenhollow
Come here!”

Dancing for food, learning to talk
Said, "I want out" to go for a walk
Not enough walks she'd bolt out the door
To neilghbor's garden tramping hellebore

If dogs go to heaven, if they could
She'll be there dancing, begging for food
She’ll learn more words then, “I want out”
There’ll be gardens galore to wander about
Thank God for Bo

We loved her well and miss her dearly
See our loved grand dogs now here-ly

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